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Video Interview

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Go behind the scenes to hear the author discuss the writing of Sylvan Street, answering questions about money, infidelity, character development... and much more.

Deborah is interviewed by

Steven Nester for Poets of the Tabloid Murder on PRX Check it out

Blogs about Deborah and Sylvan Street

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Coming Soon

Cutting-Room Floor

From Deborah: "One of the greatest challenges in writing Sylvan Street was to keep all the characters’ complexities and interactions within a tightly structured, lean story line. I ended up cutting some scenes that I’m really proud of but that slackened the plot. With the wonder of the internet, I’m able to 'preserve' some of those scenes on my website and offer them to the reader in a different venue—adding to the reading experience, I hope, while not taking away from the shape and through line of the story."


Sylvan Street Swag

Soon! Mugs, t-shirts, hats... Discover new and different ways to experience Sylvan Street. Go to Sylvan Street SWAG