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Critical Praise for Sylvan Street

"In the stunning prologue, Schupack pulls off the triple crown of excellence. The opening line establishes the setting and sets the tone with seductive prose, and as neighbors gaze skyward at a lunar eclipse, she previews the collective point-of-view of a neighborhood... In lesser-skilled hands, so many points-of-view could be confusing to the reader, but Schupack handles it skillfully, infusing each character with distinctive dimension and depth."
The Republican (Springfield, MA)

“The page-turning pace never flags . . . Teeming with plot twists and social unrest, Schupack shows with poignant prose and commendable plotting the good, the bad, and the ugly that money brings out in people.”
Publishers Weekly

“Sylvan Street is a work of pure magic, as funny as it is wrenching, as mysterious as it is revealing, and ultimately an astonishing feat of social observation. Deborah Schupack has created a brilliant cast of complex, compelling characters in a riveting literary novel that raises timeless questions about money, class, and the daily deceptions among friends and neighbors, husbands and wives.”
—Kate Walbert, Author of A Short History of Women

“In this fascinating, sly novel, Deborah Schupack applies the bright scalpel of her prose to the inhabitants of Sylvan Street, showing us that even a sweet village on the banks of the Hudson can be, too, one of the dark places of the earth.”
—Kathryn Davis, Author of The Thin Place